Sunday, July 15, 2007

Security - inabsentia

Now this is a story of today - Sunday 15th July. We are in the process of moving offices, and in this regard J....(Irish building magnate) kindly offered us the use of his long wheel base Mercedes Benz van. All we had to do was go to his secure building site, collect said vehicle - all was arranged the previous evening with the security company, that we would be arriving this morning.
So we did ! - only to find a distinct absence of said security man - the security dog however was much in evidence - outside on the road !

So we sat and sat and SAT for about forty minutes, and given that the dog had wandered off, we found that gaining entry to the compound was a simple matter of lifting the gate bolts which were accessible from the outside.

So now we were in, and after once again confirming that doggy was not around, we lept from into the van - success !!! - ahh but no as when we tried to start the van, absolutely nothing, we looked around for some kind of security switch/button - but nothing. After trying anything and everything without success, we decided to call it a day. We never did find out whether it was the security system or a battery problem.

But right on cue back came the dog, thereby trapping us in the van. Not wishing to incur the wrath of the dog, we sat it out until once again doggy decided to go for another meander - So with some trepidation, we stealthily crept from the van to the car, and drove out, past the dog, who frankly looked decidedly uninterested in our presence.

Now I know we should closed the gates, but what to do given that doggy was still casting his wary over us ?

So to all concerned please accept my apologies for leaving the gates open, but it did seem the lesser of two evils.

So you ask where was the security man ? - but I trust that on Monday morning he is looking for a new calling, because I do not think that security is his thing.
So all in all a total disaster as far as getting the van, but as ever an interesting insight into the working of security companies in Latvia. But as ever it keeps life interesting, even on a Sunday morning.
A special thanks to S....(Welsh - and looking for a new freezer) for helping with the move.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so the assumption is now that your readers read latvian? why is the comments section not in english? pressure of work / life must be catching up as the netries are becoming somewhat sporadic, a weekly new blog on a monday with the ocassional extra entry was perfect now the blog seems like the security guard in the recent entry. anyway enough for now, must learn enough Latvian to use the spell check function>

10:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday's news is hardly riveting, but a fortnights aged news smells of dead fish. I knew there was a good reason why I never bothered to to tune-in to the blog. Just like the dog it's time to stroll off. However, the dog always comes back to check up on things.

9:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please have a little patience with our Blogger, he is under a great deal of pressure at the moment.
Sleepers do not know when they will be called upon to undertake a dangerous job "for Queen and Country" (no not on Elton John's behalf)The last time I spoke with our esteemed blogger he was undercover working on behalf of the Scottish Assembly sourcing dubious Latvian food delecacies to supply those hotels in Edinburgh hosting the opposition teams playing against Scotland in the forthcoming Rugby World Cup!

Anything South Africa can do in the food poisening stakes (or steaks) surely a Scot with Rigas Balsam and dried fish can achieve with ease!

Come rugby time in Edinburgh there will not be a cold seat (toilet) in the team hotels for New Zealand the future looks all black and for the Italians they will need something to stop the runs (England cricketers have advised this, they know it works)maybe something stuck up their Italian arses?....or merely innuendo!

9:41 am  

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