Friday, August 17, 2007

Soothing Lips ?

First of all to all those poor soles who have been missing there weekly blog injection, my apologies. Suffice to say the last few weeks have been a bit hectic, and there was just not the time to get blogging. And now to the events of the last few weeks starting with a possible disaster - De Lacy's is closed (well almost !). On Sunday 12th August a final party was hosted by our genial little Irish type person J....., ably assisted by the bar staff I......(Latvian and a secret user of vaseline!), S.....( Ukrainian music master).
Just to prove us all wrong, the bar was closed to cretins at 5.30pm, with only the village people allowed in, and then to our total amazement it was announced that food and drinks were on the house !! For my part I left the celebrations early, around 9.30pm, but I am advised that the party itself did not finish until the wee hours of Monday morning.
During the latter part of the evening/morning the local constabulary visited in response to complaints about the noise -and just to add a bit of colour to the whole proceedings, it has been mentioned that certain members of staff and village persons took to dancing on the table and the bar - regretfully I have no pictorial evidence of these goings on. But below are few of the images I captured, whilst those of a more sober stance were still in evidence.
As young I...... (Latvian Vaseline addict) had taken to serving me only large G & T's, as within minutes of my arrival they had run out of Kilkenny, I was forced to take matters in hand and serve myself, and if I may so the beer was pored with some skill !
But on behalf of all the village people to J..... and the staff thanks for a wonderful night, even if you are not actually closed ! - That's right, whilst the kitchen is closed De Lacy's at least for an indefinite period will remain open to serve us with our favourite tipple, always assuming that they have any left. Only the Irish the could hold a wake, and then find the body is still alive !
Now this picture is one to set any landlord into a serious state of panic, taken at evening peak time, De Lacy's was EMPTY, well apart from me and the girls, for me paradise for J..... (Irish philanthropic) a disaster.Now staying on the subject of De Lacy's, until young J..... (Irish ) mental breakdown, and the associated provision of free food and drinks, it was well known that he was one to watch the pennies, or in the case of Latvia santimes, indeed it has been said that he make a Scotsman look like a free spender. An ongoing example of this is shown below, given that he new that De Lacy's was in the process of closing he has refrained from any capital expenditure, particularly on toilet fittings - hmmmmmmm !Now this image was captured in the weekend village hall, not sure if I would care to taste the contents, because if they cannot spell what it is, lord only know what it tastes like.

Now staying on strange things, this sight was recently caught on camera, now it would be unfair of me to mention the name of the person. However I would make but one comment - I do not think this exercise regime of yours is working, or if it is - it is only working from the waste down !So what else has been going on in the village, well to be frank not a lot, the was a second appearance of the Phantom of the Opera (or Spoks in Latvian), again held outside, but this time close to Kongress Nams. But as you can see it did not exactly capture the hearts and minds of Riga finest.

Now you be wondering from the above why young I......(Latvian and our favourite barmaid) has apparently developed a secret crush for Vaseline. Indeed she is actively an encouraging a respectful man B...... (Irish fashion magnate) to smuggle it into Latvia. Now what weird and perverse reason could she have ? - when challenged she claimed it was to put on her lips !! , but if this was these case why three tins of the stuff ?? - that is a lot of lipsmacking.

And finally and I do not want to been to be starting rumours, but watch for developments at a well known bank- as in recent times a senior executive, J.... (Irish rocker and sailor of note) with the responsibility for counting the banksmoney, was heard to be asking if he could borrow money !!


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