Thursday, December 27, 2007

Danger men not at work

Well the spirit of Yuletide has now passed, and we can all get back to what mankind is best at - tearing apart society and knackering the world.

As you all will know it was our grand plan to have a completed kitchen at Zvannieki in time for Christmas, well we did not make it !! - principal fault regretfully lies with our kitchen fitter. But we did come close as the pictures below testify. With a bit of luck we will get it finished before the New Year.

This year we once again took a half pig, boxes of tangerines, sweets ( Courtesy of J...(Irish sweet peddler) and assorted toys out for the children, alongwith a few pennies from the funds raised at our dinner, which I am sure will have been used to bring a little Christmas Cheer to all.

I was reminded once again how quickly time flies, a mear ten years ago I was invited to attend the wedding of P.....( New Zealander retailing specialist) and D...( Latvian - lady of worldly experience), and so it was a pleasure to join them once again to celebrate their 10th Wedding anniversary. Just as the original reception was held at the Radisson Hotel, so this celebration was held in the same area as before (tempting fate if you ask me !) - A good night was had by all, and as you can see from below he has lost none of his bodily mass, it is simply better dressed than it used to be. Both he and his good Lady and sons are now off to live in India for the next few years, as he again seeks to bring his retail skills to the benefit of his bank account

Now as you know from time to time those of the village people, particularly those of an Irish persuasion have been known to let their hair down and partake in activities which must go unrecorded, however it appears that one of our Irish brethren has taken it upon himself to seek alternative means to maintain his lifestyle whilst in Riga ! - so next time you see him in this position, please remember to tip generously !

Now speaking of the Irish - You have heard of "When Irish eyes are smiling" now you know why !

As might have gathered with a large number of the village people away, gossip is thin on the ground, just like the snow in Riga. So for the moment I would just like to thank all of you for your friendship during the year, as well as your amazing contributions to the Smiley fund.

Trust you have a great time at New Year, and it is strange thought that this blog now moves into its fourth year.


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