Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who is watching Who ?

One of the amazing things since starting this blog, has been to see who and from where people discover the blog. However this week saw a really interesting visitor - The U.S. State Department.

Now this was not any old visit, but one where the reader went directly to one specific page, namely "A stranger in Town", and why did they go directly to this page I wonder - it could not be anything to do with the picture published there could it ? or perhaps the the words "National Security".

Or was it more sinister, surely it could not be some hanky panky in regards to the Six Nations ? - or maybe the "Wooden Spoon" is deemed sinister !

Me thinks Big Brother is watching all of the internet, for person up to no good - but it does make you wonder, does it not ?

Anyhow to those who are keeping an eye on us all, presumably to keep us safe, but for my part I hope next you visit you take the chance to explore the blog
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