Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Birthday Girl

Now it is not for me to give away a ladies age - So I will not, but yesterday young I..... (Latvian bar manager of note) celebrated her newest birthday at the Stella bar, in which she now works.

It has to be said she was not looking her usual self, as earlier in the day she had taken herself of to the hairdressers, in order to look her best. Well all I can say is that the hairdresser clearly has a Shirley temple fixation. Check it out for yourself. As ever the Irish contingent were in attendance and no doubt set to make it a memorable night for all concerned. For my part and giving respect to my age I retired back home.

And as our Mexican/Latvian village compadre heads for London for his interview to become a student (again !) - Can I take this opportunity to wish him all the best on Thursday, so if you get a chance around 1.30pm our time, give your best thoughts.

Finally, I have on many occasions had to refer to the state of toilet facilities in some of our local hostelries, but this one takes some beating. Apparently they offer limited WiFi coverage within the premises but have found that the toilet provides the best. Needless to say it could only happen in ......... ( guess where ?)

A clue think of the land of the brave and T.....(the bearded wonder)


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