Friday, August 08, 2008

fy cyfaill

This blog is in the main dedicated to our lone Welsh type person, who has now departed these shores to head back to sunny Wales.

No one knows quite why, but as Latvia suffers from a lack of sheep, and seven years without sheep is a long time, then this may be the reason why.

So what can I say about S.... (Welsh - with bad taste in shirts) - Well I could write a book, but I will not, I could write a poem - but I cannot - so I think the best that I and many others in the village can say is -

I (We) will miss him !!

I have it on good account that he will return in the not to distant future, and his presence will be felt at the Zvanniekii Christmas dinner in December.

Notwithstanding the fact that we held a farewell party only a few days ago, on Tuesday evening at the village lounge a few of us congregated to bid a farewell toast to S and his good lady A.... (Welsh - little person - big heart).

The following photographs give you an idea of the debauchery that took place.

The Group

Take a deep breath

Three men and a bag !

Two men and a bag

Do not ask -!!

A new profession perhaps ??

Stand tall lovely boy !
( must be said in Welsh accent)

See thats better !

With his departure Rugby on a Saturday afternoon will not be the same - just quieter

Osprey - Osprey - Osprey - Osprey !!!

And speaking of change, one of our village people has succumbed to that most noble of institutions - Marriage.

Young D.... (American - language teacher - is that a contradiction of terms ?) and his good lady S.. (English - cyclist supreme) tied the knot in far off America ( why ? - did they not want to invite any of the village people ?).

However to both of them my best wishes for a long and prosperous future


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