Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now thats what I call a party

As many of you will know last saw the five yearly Latvian Song and Dance Festival being, which culminated on Saturday evening with Song festival to end all Song festivals S ! - A choir some 18,000+ strong and over 2000 dancers - with an audience of over 40,000 people. All of this held at Riga largest outdoor stadium in Mezaparks.

I was lucky enough to have on of the tickets ( they were like gold dust) and duly arrived at the site around 8.30, with the concert scheduled to start at 9.00pm. However due to the thunderstorm earlier in the day, that actual concert did not get underway until around 10.00pm as the stadium area had been flooded, and required the Riga Fire brigade to pump out the area where the audience were seated. I must confess I only found out this later,as I could not see any signs of the flooding, and in any event we were entertained by a large group - 800+ of brass bands from 9.00pm.

But at ten the concert began, and all I can say is that for the next three hours I sat in pure amazement at the spectacle. Whilst I did not understand one word that was sung, the sound and sight of this massive choir was just amazing or to use a over used word "Fantastic "

With the concert ending at around 1.00am on Sunday morning, then the party really started with the biggest "sing in" I have ever witnessed, with audience participation the choir and dancers took to the stage and sang there hearts out with some of the most popular Latvian songs, both old and new.

I finally departed the stadium around 4.30am on Sunday morning - with the sounds still ringing in my head. I understand the party did not end until 6.00am, and even then the participants were ready for more. This was or so I am told the first time that this "sing in" had been held at the end of the festival, but I suspect it wil not be the last.

Sitting with me were R... ( New Zealander - B & B king) and his good lady D... (Latvian - artist of note) - and hopefully he will send me some of his pictures which show the event in full colour.

The next festival will be in 2013 - god willing I will be still around to attend.

Now last week saw one of the village members celebrate his 40th birthday - known to all as Doc, V...... ( Mexican/Latvian - owner of useless facts) - so somewhat belatedly - HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
This week sees the arrival of Guiness drinking champion, and former village member A... ( English - karioki champion) - so with closure of some of his previous drinking haunts, I suspect the village lounge will see a rapid increase in its Guinness sales.

Now the next item I am indebted to a friend of B... ( English - Teacher to the world) Now this is a world exclusive, and for the first time, and hopefully the last - Mr S..... ( Welsh - singer - I think not) . So if you are not offended by a lack of musical talent, and can remember that infamous song from the movie Jungle Book - I present - S...... the singer !! ( Apologies for the quality but it was filmed in secret)

If you would like to check B... ( maker of secret movies) then have a look at his blog The musical accompaniment was courtesy of another of B.../ friens M... (Scottish - George Formby protegee).

Last week also saw me suffer from a brain failure when in a moment of total weakness I accepted an offer from that S...... Welshman to take on a young kitten, recently born to one of his factory cats. There is no rational reason why I would want a cat, but there we are I now have one, as does young R.... ( Latvian - lounge bar person). Now it has to be said he/she is an engaging little thing - but as you might gather at this time the sex of said kitten cannot be determined, at least not by me. I wanted a male cat, I was told I had a male cat - but at this time there is no physical signs that I have got one - so right now he/she has no name !!

Anyhow meet thingy !


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