Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hey Ho - its LIGO !

Yep it been that time of the year again when the Young and Old of Latvia head out into the forests (complete with wellies) to celebrate the festival of Ligo and the day of Jani, in the former case this usually consist of getting seriously p.....d, leaping over wooden fires, and trying to find the magic clover leaf, in the case of the latter if your name is Janis, and apparently there are over 10,000 such individuals, then you get the wear a crown made out of oak leaves, drink honey beer and eat a locally produced cheese. In other words it is a time to just let your hair down and have a good time.

As is now becoming customary, and ignoring it is the middle of June the weather forecast was up to its usual standard. From the weather forecast below I leave it to your imagination as which two days were Ligo and Jani

Yes you were right - Monday and Tuesday - as it transpired midway through Monday the weather did turn for the better and for most of Latvia it was a dry night, but Tuesday returned with a vengeance with rain and basically a cold and miserable day. Riga itself was like deserted city, with only the tourists mulling around, frantically trying to find a bar or restaurant open. The village lounge along with most of the other bars in town were closed for the festivities.

The week also saw the return to working order our much missed fountain close by the Congress Nams. This fountain has been under repair for the best part of two years, but has now been restored to its former glory, and so once again as we stroll past it, or simply sit and watch its ever changing water patterns, we are reminded just how few public toilets there are in Riga. I defy anyone who sits and watches it for just a few minutes not get that sudden urge to have a p.. - it gets me very time !

Now for those readers who live afar the next bit of news is irrelevant. On Wednesday evening 2nd July, at St Saviours church, the annual Zvannieki music festival will be held to raise funds for the home. For the last two years when I have attended it has been an outstanding evening with many professional musicians giving their time free to entertain the audience, and of course it will close with the tearjerker when the children themselves take to the stage. So if you can make it please try and do so.

Now as many of you know young S..... (Welsh dog & cat flap maker) will shortly be departing these shores to seek new challengies - like making money - in his homeland. I have no doubt that before he goes he will share a few parting drinks with us - however to those who knew him, enjoyed his company, but cannot be here in Riga - a toast from him to you !! - he will be missed.

Now he has asked when will be the annual Zvannieki Christmas Dinner this year - so whilst it is only June, I can advise you all that this year the dinner will be held on Thursday 17th December, and with a bit ofluck it will be at the usual location. So do not say you have not been given plently of advance notice, and time to save up your pennies.

Again with thanks to J... (Australian joke merchant) - where does he get the time, I leave you this little ditty - however I must warn you it does contain scenes which you may find offensive

Now believe it or not but last night in the village lounge there actually was a person ( I will refrain from indicating who) who took his beer into the mens toilet, but as best I could see he was alone, and I know he does not smoke !

So there we are another week has gone, the days are growing shorter, and just to complete my misery my washing machine has broken down - but am I downhearted - NO - because I am close to achieving a lifetimes ambition - a pony tail !! - Yes since my earliest days, I have never had long hair - so before him upstairs says "Time out" I will achieve this modest but historical goal - watch this space for photographic proof. So once again I will prove the old adage that age is no barrier to setting new goals.


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Hello David,

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Thank you for your time!


Michael Landers
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