Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gone - but not forgotten

Yesterday saw he departure of one of the long standing village members B..... ( English - noted for his sartorial elegance). His departure means we have lost one of the real characters within the village people. Noted for his love of Newcastle United, which of course we never held against him. He shared a love esoteric films with S.... ( Welsh - another soon to be ex village member) particularly those spoken in some weird foreign language but with sub titles.

So to B..... , we wish you well in whatever you get up to next, and we shall await with baited breath for your return in December for Annual Christmas dinner.

Another face from the past returned to the village lounge this week, regretfully I cannot remember her name, but for those of you who were in Riga around 1996, you may remember this face as she was one of the young ladies who graced upstairs at Paddies in those days, and as you can see she has not lost the knack of puring a Guinness !!

This weekend sees a grand party to celebrate or should that be commiserate the upcoming departure of S.... (Welsh - subtitle speed reader). The party being held at A... ( Bristolian - would be mole killer) home - so as the weather forecast says it will be sunny and warm, it should be another grand day out.

Still no pictures from our wayward New Zealander R.... of last weekends Song Festival, but as soon as I get them I will publish.

But finally and in fond remembrance of B.... - a pictures to gladden the heart of all the fair maidens of Riga - pictures that exposes what an amazing body B... had kept hidden from us all these years - a world exclusive , but ones which I hope will bring a smile to the face of the man


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