Monday, October 06, 2008

Stella(r) Times

As I have mentioned before there has been a remarkable decline in the both the number and standards of pubs in Riga in recent months, and this weekend saw another set of changes - none of which are for the better.

First a minor one - You can no longer go to a Stella pub in Riga, no they have not shut down, simply changed their name - To Stars ??? - Why you may ask, well no one seems to know, but as that is the only change then I doubt if anyone will notice the difference.

Not so at our village lounge, as I told you a few weeks ago, in an effort to attract additional custom they introduced lap dancing in the upstairs back lounge, but and this a BIG but, we were all told that (1) it would not interfere with any sport and (2) that it would only be held after 10.00pm in the evening.

So what did I find on a Sunday afternoon, yes you have guessed it - lap dancing in the late afternoon. Apparently a group of Liverpool supporters had reserved the rear lounge to watch Liverpool play, but not satisfied with just football, they had also requested an Indian buffet dinner, to be accompanied by Lap Dancing !!!

No prizes for guessing my response, I walked out, as I had and do not have any desire to enjoy my pint with a bunch of Liverpool supporters lavishing over their Indian food whilst watching a lap dancer.

Personally I think the management have lost the plot, as the only reputation they are earning is a bad one. Now it may well be that I am a tad oversensitive to these goings on, but it will be interesting to see if next weekend with the beginning of the Heineken Cup, if we suffer the same fate.

If the management of said establishment read this be aware your staff think it was a crap idea to permit this on a Sunday afternoon. A private party cannot be avoided if it is good for business, but does it if have to have a b....y Lap Dancer ?

My final words on the subject, the Management stated that they would not advertise such events - so I suppose that's why they produced these business cards !!!!

On the subject of lunacy, outside many buildings in Riga there is a notice indicating that you are not permitted to smoke within 10 meters of the building, so can someone explain why immediately outside the main door of said buildings there are ash trays come litter bins ????

Is it me or is the world going to s..t ???? - I think I need to take a happy pill


Anonymous Benimaclet said...

Pretty simple - Stella Artois sued them and it was settled out of court with Stella Pub agreeing to change their name.

9:42 pm  

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