Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More Tattle than Tittle

Well my faithful readers as you might gather from the lack of postings Riga is seriously quiet right now. Little or no cretins to moan about - no real activity at Zvannieki, but hopefully the latter might change this week, as I expect to visit there alongwith that rare bread of persons in Latvia - an electrician.

Elsewhere one of our beloved village people has been a smidgen unwell whilst on holiday, personally I put it down to the socks he wears - but I understand from our local Doc - V , that he is now on the road to recovery and may soon return to the fold in the next week or so. If anybody out there would like to send him a speedy recovery from his ailment - then just think what he would treasure most !

On the domestic front the said cat has grown, and I can now state without fear of contradiction that it is male and has been named Nielson (do not ask why)

Riga with its fast diminishing number of so called Irish pubs, now can lay claim only have one type of Irish - Guinness !! - A few weeks ago saw the disappearance of the cider Strongbow, and last week saw the disappearance of my tipple - Wexford - not just from the village lounge but from every pub in Riga !1 The country is going to the dogs !!

Is there no one out there you can put the money together and get a decent pub up and running - PLEASE !!

It is also fair to say that Autumn is nearly upon us, as with the return to school of Latvia's child like persons, so the weather is reminding us with ever lower temperatures that Winter is not so far away. Speaking of Winter I can re-cnfirm that our annual Christmas party will be held on Thursday 18th December at the same location as last year and with the same chef - P..... (Waste disposal guru) - so to those can make this date please put it in the diary and if possible let me know. I will be sending out an e-mail to all of last years particpants later in October. Also be remonded that we need goodies for the raffle and the auction - the more unusal the better !!!

One thing I have noticed in recent days is a number of the outdoor cafes are removing their chairs and tables from outside - perhaps a sign that the number of tourists is also diminishing.

Now young J... (Australian - budding house panel builder) has suggested that we make a little trip up river in October - so if anyone is interested let he or I know - perhaps our last chance to have a village outing before the onslaught of Winter.


Anonymous phil hardwick said...

hello David
just stumbled on to your Blog today, didnt even know you did this.
Sounds as if there are many changes in Riga. Unfortunatly I havent had the chance to return lately to see any of it.
I have invested and now have my own pub in south london near peckham / east dulwich and all is going well.
please pass on my regards to all that remain and let them know , I hope to be watching tri nations rugby at franks soon

all the best
"Kiwi" Phil Hardwick

10:46 pm  

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