Friday, October 24, 2008

Tails of two Catties

Once upon a time in a far off town of Oliane worked a man from the distant country of Wales. In his factory he kept his many slaves working all day and night in pursuit of making his fortune. The slaves toiled under arduous conditions making miniature plastic doors to allow feline animals to escape from their wicked masters.

Now in order to check that these doors or cat flaps as they were commercially known it was necessary for the factory owner to breed a multitude of cats. These cats were then set the task of testing the flaps to make sure they worked properly, however it sad to say that many times they malfunctioned locking the cat out from its home, simply to wander the street of Oliane looking for the magic magnet which would let them back in.

When two good knights heard of the cats plight they decided to rescue as many of the newly bred kittens as was possible. The knights names were D.... (Scottish executive type person) and R..... (Latvian - reluctant bar tender).

With cunning and daring they crept into the factory and with great courage snatched two of the poor kittens, thereby saving them from years of cat slavery testing these plastic flaps.

Now in keeping with all good tales of the good and the wicked, when the local populace learned of the evil goings on in his factory he was banished back to Wales never to return, except when he could get a cheap Ryan Air flight - but never to be allowed to return to his manufacturing of the insidious cat flaps.

And what you may ask became of the two rescued kittens well as you can see below they are living happily ever after, just like in all good tales !
It is with regret that I have to advise all that the Christmas Party for 2008 is officially cancelled due to a lack of numbers, however if any of you out there would like to make a donation please do so the Zvannieki bank account listed at the side of this blog - if nothing else this year if we can raise a little money then we can either just donate the cash or as we have in past years treat them to a few Christmas goodies.
But a piece of good news to close B.... (English - noted for his satorial elegance) has won his dream job as a teacher in Newcastle - so just when the Newcastle fans thought it could not get worse ?? - Any my best wishes to him and his new role - likewise I trust his arrival will give his team reason to improve.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all that are left in Riga.... I shall be returning on the 22nd November, so would be great to see people!! I will no doubt be spending a fair bit of time in the village lounge (R - Ex Village member, son of latvian farmer..who does not breed pigs)

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