Saturday, March 14, 2009

News about News

For many of us living in Riga part of our daily life is in checking via the internet the various news channels sites available to us, likewise what would a day be like if at least once a day we did not access our favourite newspaper site be it local or national just to check what is going on at home and in the world.

However getting news, at least in English as to what is going on in Latvia or indeed the Baltic's has at least for now been near impossible. Even the English language Baltic Times web site is always somewhat out of date as it only publishes weekly.

So it was with some surprise that I discovered a web site covering the events in all the Baltic States with factual reporting and is updated on an hourly basis.

So for those of you who wants to get the facts check out

Now as we all know the world is in deep s..t - but just to give a taste of the goings on in Latvia here are a two of the headlines at the Baltic-Course web site

Apartment prices in Riga dropped by 52% in February over year

In February 2009, compared to February 2008, new car registrations in Latvia decreased 76.2%

So all good news there then !!

Now this weekend sees the penultimate rounds of the six nations rugby, with Wales meeting Italy, Scotland v Ireland and then on Sunday France v England. So hear is my forecast

Italy beat Wales !!
Scotland murder Ireland
France annihilate England

However returning to reality I suspect only one out of the above has a chance of proving to be true. So I will watch the Wales game at home courtesy of SC4 and of to the village lounge to watch Ireland v Scotland courtesy of France TV2. But can someone please explain to me why the Scotland game starts at 5.00pm GMT (7.0pm in Riga) - or is this simply to cater for the TV rights of the broadcasting companies.


Blogger Yoke Wei said...

Hi Dave- although we are not there in RIga in person, at least we are be there spirit. Keep it up mate. I am hoping this will get to you. FRom the BOOK BURNER part of the Village people. Chiou

11:03 pm  
Blogger Yoke Wei said...

Hi Dave- I dont know how to send you photos but I sure wish you would take some photos of the ladies passing that place opposite Sam, where eight of us would sit and show placards with points on the ladies passing by in summer. Do not be downheartened mate, the VILLAGE is with you.

11:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dave,
Nice to see you back. I'm sure you and your postings have been missed by all the ex-pats who left the place like rats up a drainpipe as soon as the economy went pear-shaped. Just to say I'll be back in Riga for a few days just before Easter (April 4th-8th).
Hope to bump into you and others. I guess I know where to find you.
sad Newcastle supporting inebriate English teacher.

5:42 pm  

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