Wednesday, December 16, 2009

B....dy Cold

I know I have been remiss in updating the blog, but I promise do update in near future, as during November we had the annual Remembrance Service ( a Farce) and believe it or not we did hold the AnnualSmiley Fund Dinner this year, but owing to the fact that the official photographer - C... ( English with a lack of camera dongle) has not managed to get the pictures to me, it will have to wait until he gets them to me.

In the meantime for all of those of you have departed these shore thought you might like to know how the weather is - so here it is - Bl..dy Cold !!!

So to young J... (Australian - SIP king) who heads back to Australia tommorow - see what you will be missing.

Personally it might be time to get the tights back on !!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting kinky in your old age Mr Sim x

11:06 pm  

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