Friday, February 19, 2010

wibbly wobbly way

Now with temperatures rising slightly, and Riga still creeking under the snowfall of last week, despite the best efforts of Riga Council to remove the snow to outside the city - the great danger to human life is not from slipping on the roads and pavements but from above !! - With the roofs covered in snow and icicles dangling from the gutters - the safest bet is walk in the middle of the road - however as this is even more dangerous than walking on the pavements, given the driving habits of many Latvians.

However just as we snow sweeper upperers, outside each and every building clearing the snow to make even bigger piles of snow beside the road - so we roof based sweeper downers - you with only the basics of safety equipment - usually just a rope tied around there waste and tied (I assume) to some fixed thingy on the roof, they brush and shovel the snow back onto the recently cleared pavement. Now if you are lucky they will roped off the pavement area below, thereby preventing innocent passerbys from getting clunked with snow - however one can be unlucky !!

But what of the icicles - well as the phot blow show all you need is someone brave ( foolish) enough to stand at the very edge of the roof with a long pole and "bash" away at the icicles. This one time you definitely do not want to walking underneath

Like the sweeper upperers, I wonder what these guys do the rest of the year ?

I will only make a brief passing to last weekends rugby - SUICIDE WISH !!!! - watched the Wales V Scotland game at Alberts, alongwith J... (Irish - newly installed as games machine entreprenuer). Had not seen him for months and C.... (English - Printing Guru) alongwith a group of paralitic young British soldiers. Have decided that rugby should be reduced to 70 minutes after the fiasco of the last 10 minutes.

The papers claimed it was a great Welsh recovery - No it was not it was a typical Scottish gameplan, as we seek to retake the wooden spoon from Italy - just lull the opposition into a false sense of security by allowing them to draw level, and at the same time just to make it more "interesting" reduce the team to 13 men - then with 80 minutes up go for a looser by kicking the ball straight back to the opposition - so they can score the winner - absolutely brilliant strategy as we seek again to capture the wooden spoon. I cannot wait to see what strategy we employ against England and Italy in persuit of the mythical wodden spoon.

Left Alberts alongwith J.... (Irish- former cigarette king) to head for PW - to watch the France v Ireland, and lo and behold another Irish figure from the past M..... (Irish -Latvian Bank saviour) and his son. The upstairs was busy to we sat in the back room to watch the game - had to feel sorry for the Irish contingent as unlike Scotland they had no "real" loosing strategy - they just were outplayed.

One our numbers F.... (Australian - hostel/blackberry fanatic) has had to go to hospital with a hernia problem - but he is back out but was seen drinking only coke !!

So there we have it another week in Riga has gone by - more snow is forecast for this weekend - but hopefully not as bad as last week.

Finally - and this could only be from Australia - an application for Iphone users that has real purpose - enjoy !

Regretfully I have to advise all yoy Iphone users that Apple have removed this application from there download store


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