Saturday, April 10, 2010

Final word on Winter

A few blogs ago I mentioned one of the most beautiful winter scenes that I had ever come across, we all have seen the wonderful images of snow lying in the woodlands with the branches nearly breaking under the weight of snow.

Well this is somewhat different, during one of those seriously cold snaps ie -20+ , when suddenly overnight for what ever meteorological reason a heavy due formed on the trees, which then immediately froze leaving the leafless trees looking as if they had suddenly turned pure white. In truth my words cannot convey the beauty of it all.

Regretfully I never did manage to capture an image of this event, however thanks to the leading hostel in Riga -- Franks Fun Hostel - or perhaps one of there guests - I have managed to retrieve one image - see below

Quite Amazing - just like a winter wonderland !

Back to now, and this weekend sees the return of the Heineken Cup, so with no Scottish interest, we will all be rooting for the Ospreys to qualify for the semifinals - we can but hope.

No great goings on this past week, but Riga is definitely beginning to put on its summer coat - and I here that the "No Problem" outdoor bar is hoping to re-open this weekend, I shall take a wander into town later today to check it out.

Message to J.... (Irish - he with poor taste in socks) - I have been frequenting your apartment, using my electrical skills to try and repair the hot water boiler - regret so far with no success - suspect you might be in for a bill to (1) replace thermostat or (2) at worse replace the boiler - have a nice day !!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toon, toon, black and white army!
Closing in on the title (the one that matters - the old 2nd division). I'm typing this in a room with a balcony view to the glorious St James. Bet you're all green with envy.

Prieka to all the bar hound compadres in Riga. Keep posting Dave. Always appreciate seeing
what's going on there.

2:15 pm  

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