Sunday, April 18, 2010

All quiet on Western Front

Anybody looked up in the skies of late trying to see the this mysterious ash - but nothing - but the consequences are amazing - just look below

(click on image to see full image)

This was taken from at 15.4 on Sunday 18th April - as you can see only two planes in the sky - and as I write Riga Airport is still closed.

Now I know this causing untold mayhem for all those who wish to fly, in the case of Riga either to get home, or indeed to get to Riga.

However there is an upside ( at least for me) -no cretins in town - however this is very self centred of me as Riga needs tourists, both good and bad - as they all spend money - so hopefully this will resolve itself in the near future - but at least for now there seems no end in sight.

Saturday did however have one highlight for me - a beer outside in the New Problem bar, and still at 0.95c. The sun did try and shine, and when the wind dimished it was really pleasant, but by 5.30pm it was seriously cold - so meandered back home, to some wine and dinner and of course warmth. One comment re No Problem, in comparison to last years the toilets are much smaller, only four cubicles for ALL - remember this place can accomodate hundred's of people.

Took a few (sorry about the quality) pictures in Livi Square on the way into Dome Square, and as you can see the bars are open - and this year Alberts has an outdoor area - for details see

and just to show Riga is moving into its Summer coat, spot the first sighting of the reknowned Dancing Lady in the picture below !!

As you will noticed not exactly mobbed as yet, but it will - and even the bicycle taxis are back - ok one !

A have a major life changing on Monday - but you will have to check the blog later on Monday for details -but you will need to be eagled eyed to see what it is - so to all have a good week.

And finally to all blog readers who are Newcastle United supporters ( so that makes one) - congratulations !! - lets hope you can stay up in Premier League.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Champeones!!!! Hope Newcastle can stay in the Premier League next year? Oh ye of little faith David. I confidently expect us to make a push for the Champions League next year as well as winning both domestic cups. Or else not.

1:10 am  

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