Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Final word, or in this case pictures of Riga's newest bar - the Kiwi bar. It is still early days as it seeks to create its unique place in Riga - but suffice to say it is off to great start.

For my part I had one of the first pints of Charles Wells Bombadier bitter on Saturday, and last night I had the last one - seems the plague of all Riga's pubs - running out of beer that I can drink, has stuck again. But fear not whilst awaiting a re-supply Boddingtons will take it place - so all is well (I hope).

Again my apologies re quality of pictures, my camera phone is c..p !

Yep he is back and dressing the part alongwith his beautiful assistant behind the bar K...... (Mispelled her name in previous blog -sorry)

Pictures paint a thousand words in this case A...(Bristolian - permanent bar resident) showing K.....(Latvian - bar lady resplendent) pictures - via the internet - of the "Kiwi" food to offered - Personally never heard of Kiwi Indian cuisine

Finally of course F.... (Australian - man who has found his true place in the world) - now is his glass half empty or half full ?

I have just come across what I think is one of the best promo videos for Latvia - enjoy


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