Thursday, October 28, 2010

And then there was three

Once upon a time we had four so called "Irish" bars - Paddy Whelans (The first) - Tim McShanes - The Dubliner - then of of course the infamous De Lacy's ( Long since since remembered) - but of these, Paddy Whelans is the only surviour.

But in the last few days a revival has taken place with two new "Irish" bars opening- one in the new Riga Galleria shopping centre and the second is Donegan's located in the old town, and last night I went to its opening , with Swedish and German owners, and with two of the arguably the best male bartenders in town S..... (Ukranian - still with the worst taste in music) and M..... ( Latvian - and now beardless).

First impressions were good, apart from one small gripe, but this is not unique to Donegan's - the toilets - way to small, with only one cubicle each for men and ladies. Probably the layout prohibited anything bigger - but will be interesting when our visiting cretins get there, as they undoubtably will. But other than that the bar and the layout were excellent, with the pub furniture locally made by the redoubtable N..... ( Latvian - Trash Musician)

So now we have three "Irish" bars and not an Irish man in sight, but then again we have a New Zealand themed bar owned by an Australian and an Englishman, so I guess it all makes sense.

You can check out the place at

Interesting night with free beer and Irish stew or Cottage Pie on offer -cannot speak about the Irish stew but he cottage pie was excellent. Live music courtesy of New Zealand musician, singing Irish songs - how cosmopilitan can you get !!

Interesting fact is that it is located directly across from where De Lacy's was located - so will be interesting to here what the "landlords" of De Lacy's make of the new pub and its weekend clientel - we shall but see.

But for the opening night it was a full house, including the new Irish Ambassador - but whatever the outcome, the "pub" looks and feels good, and I suspect it will be a welcome addition to the Riga pub scene.

The other "Irish"pub ( sorry do not know the name ) has opened in new Riga Galleria shopping centre - on the sixth floor not sure how that will work, but it is owned by the same person who owns the Belgium Bar in he old town, which over the years has proved to a sucess - so again we can but wish it luck.

So now Riga has three "Irish" bars - I wonder if the is an Irishman out there who would like to make it four ???


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