Friday, October 15, 2010

Passing Away

It is with regret that I have to announce the passing of D..... O'..... ( English - with a dreams of accountancy).

He died on Sunday last, and I understand he was suffering from cancer for some time - I last saw him in June this year, and I did not appreciate his illness - certainly no outward signs.

A service was held today at the Riga Crematorium, attended by his partner, his son and his sister alongwith her husband.

It was a goodly turnout, with friends and colleagues in attendance, in addition to his immediate family, and afterwards we went to his favourite watering hole - The Barselona bar - now removed to Stabu iela - to drink a beer or two in his memory.

I think that now make four five visits I have made to the crematorium over the years - maqke you realise that life is not forever and to make the best of it whilst you are here - as you never know when the call will come


Anonymous Benimaclet said...

Good to see more competition in the Riga bar scene. To be honest lack of toilets in bars is a major problem in all of Riga. It partly explains why some tourists have got arrested (not that that excuses it.)

9:41 pm  

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