Saturday, January 22, 2011

Times they are a' changing

One of the constants in the pub scene in Riga, is that they are forever changing, last year saw an explosion in "Irish" themed pubs ( ok so was only two). Over the years we have seen many a pub close for reason or another - and last week saw another one - Alberts has closed down.

Although it was not a pub that I frequented, it did seem reasonably popular, particulary during the summer months - and it did have an outstanding location right in the heart of the Old City.

So whatever the reasons, it is always disappointing to lose a seemingly popular pub. There is "gossip" that it may re-open in another location - we can but wait and see.

January has been a strange month weather wise - in recent weeks the temperature has hovered around zero degress, seriously mild for this time of the year, in fact rather than snow we have been having rain. If the weather forecast is right, then it is all about to change, with temperatures as low as -25 degrees being forecast for next week, in fact as I write this it snowing - so perhaps we will be back to digging out the car - aahh such fun !

Now next week sees two "major" events, firstly Burns night on January 25th, followed by Australia Day on 26th January.

In the case of the former I will be "cooking" Haggis, Neeps and Tatties at the Kiwibar, which will be served with a shot of Kiwi Scotch whisky ( I jest not see below) . All Free of charge !!

The Haggis has been imported from Scotland - but again another sign of changing times - in days of old, a haggis was wrapped in either a sheeps gut, or more in recent times this was replaced by a plastic covering. In both cases cooking was done by boiling the haggis

But now in 2011 it comes in a "TIN" - can you believe it - Tinned Haggis, and to cook ? - pop it in the microwave !!

Quite Mr Burns would have to say - I dread to think.

So the Burns afficiendos - my apologies, but as I hope to serve up to 50 people on the night, it does make for easier cooking.

As for Australia Day, well again the Kiwibar will act as hosts - with servings of meat pies and beer (Zelta) - both discounted for the day. As ever the local Australian contingent will be out for their annual cricket fest in the snow, this year it is being held in the park behind the Russian Orthordox Cathedral at 2.00pm - Sunday 23rd January - with drinks at the Ala bar afterwards.

Finally - I just learned that Australia has finally appointed an honorary consul to replace our the long departed J.... (Australian/Latvian - with a penchant for gates) with a Mr Serges Tre┼ćins, - not sure if he has any Australian ancestry, other than the fact he runs a travel agency.

Personally I find it strange, particularly with so many Australian/Latvian person in Riga - but perhaps it is another sign of changing times !


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a bloody strange person!

9:55 pm  
Anonymous BeniMacLet said...

To be honest I was never a fan of Alberts or its predecessor Stars/Stella and I'd disagree that it was busy in the Summer. That wasn't my experience of it. In recent years it's had serious competition in the better months from the nearby Nekadu Problem which is outdoor and understandably many people would prefer to drink beers for 95 cents in the open air than sit inside paying 2 lats plus.

I've taught English to Sergei Trenin though he doesn't need it as he already has native level standard. He has no Australian ancestry but his love of all things Australia related is clear and he'll do well in the job.

3:17 pm  

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