Monday, February 14, 2011

Now this is more like it !

As I have mentioned before the weather in January and early Febuary has been unseasonally mild, but as last week proved with another dumping of snow, you can never tell, and as you can see below it is about to get a wee bit chilly

Time for the thermals ( if I had any !!) - maybe time to get the tights back on !

Well last weekend the Six Nations Rugby was the centre of my attention, unfortunately Scotland after a good performance against France the previous week, were back to their normal self - in other words a total shambles againt Wales.

Thankfully there is a two week break before battle commences - and this time against Ireland, you were a trifle unlucky against France - I can but hope for miracles !

One question for you - how come England have three consecutive home games ?

The town was awash with cretins last weekend - fortunately this did not impinge on the rugby viewing- as the only sport they know (??) is football.

For those of you away at this time you will be delighted to know that last night the Kiwibar hosted a pyjama party - but as usual this was way past my bedtime - however I can confirm that the the ladies behind the bar were in their best Pyjama wear - surely a first for Riga.

Not sure how many people turned up in there pyjama's but as you can see below the ladies got into the mood ! - maybe the guys sleep in their trousers and jackets ?

And they even supplied a bed - for the romantics
(Pretty nifty night wear!)

Well today is Valentines Day - and all over Riga the girls have their flowers and the men have a jaded look - for me I think I will indulge in a Valentines day beer.


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