Monday, March 07, 2011

Bar Managers and Ice do not mix - Proof

They say that every picture tells a story, so what to make of the picture below ? and what inspired him to take to the ice ?

But do you recognise this internationally famous person ? - well to save him any embarassment I will withhold his identity - but for those in the know he is from down under (which may explain his tentative ice skating) - and is somewhat associated with running a bar and hostel in Riga

I don't if this is a coincidence but a few years back another well know bar owner succumbed to try his ice skating skills - and to similar effect to similar effect - a coincidence ??

First clutch the side !! - but in this case that was not enough to prevent the inevitable

Also please note that in both cases they have their backs to the camera - I wonder if it was the same camera man ? and just to add to the coincidence both were skating (??) on the same outdoor winter rink, albeit in different locations.

So what else is going on in Riga, well with a wee bit of luck the dire winter temperatures are on the way up, and all being well we should be rid of the remaining ice and snow in Riga by the end of March. But as ever you never know it will not be the first time we have snow in April - but ever the optimist I hope not.

Anyhow this weekends sporting climax has to be the rugby Match England v Scoland on Sunday ( at least for me) - but given Scotlands track record this season- I will watch with trepadation - but as I said before - ever the optimist.


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