Saturday, April 09, 2011

Storks v Ryanair

Well here we are Saturday 9th April, the snow has all but disappeared, the sky is clear (at least for today) and that I am afraid is the end of the good news from Riga.

So as the storks prepare to arrive, if they have not done already, so the other visitors who fly in have arrived in their hords via Ryanair - yes the Cretin season has arrived !!

Today our favoured hostel, was taken over on mass, even to the extent that the security gaurd was on duty at 5.00pm - a sign of the times me thinks ! and what said establishment was/is expecting. Needless to say we did not stay.

Even Donegans was awash with this human garbage - regretfully many from Scotland - but a saviour was in sight - yes once again the oldest pub in town supplied a refuge, in the apparently "secret" bar located in the part of the pub where cretins cannot aspire (climb) to - lets but hope it remains so !.

I am sure it is great business for those bars concerned, but as ever does nothing for us "locals" - I wonder if one day someone will actually realise that there is a business for locals - I will take bets that today not ONE local- Ex-pat/Latvian/Russian was anywhere near these establishments ( Apart from staff of course)- who would actually want to be anywhere near these invading cretins.

OK I definitely a part of the older generation, and have expressed my feelings re these cretins for many a year - but have they no respect for the city they are visiting ? That was not a question - because the answer is NO

Enough of my grumpy ranting - more good news - at least for food lovers - the said "secret" bar has a new menu, created by a Scottish chef - and it includes, and I kid you not - Real Porridge - Rhubarb Crumble with custard - AND Scottish Stovies ( I will leave you and Google to find out what the latter is - anyhow brilliant menu !

Enough for one day -perhaps my grumpiness has something to do with that fact that I have a COLD ! - Sinus blockage - and a cold sore ! - NA its the Cretins !

Finally re Storks v Ryanair - Storks fly in once a year, stay for a few months - have fun quietly in the countryside and then come back every year - Ryanair (cretins) arrive every weekend -never see the countryside- stay for maximum of 3/4 days - are never quiet - and have no memory of of ever been in Latvia and are unlikely to return (Thank god)

For more information on Cretins check out -

and for more information on Storks in Latvia check out -


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