Thursday, June 01, 2006

Grumpy Free Zone

Well here we are its June 1st, official beginning of Summer and.................. its p........g down with rain -wonderful ! (this is not a complaint just an observation !!)

Last night I was accused by a certain Welshman of getting Grumpy in my old age - me ?

So to prove I am not grumpy I will not even utter a single comment today that could be construed as me complaining about something.

Anybody remember M.... ( New Zealand and consumer of large quantities of Alus) - well he clearly from time read the blog, just to check if I am still alive.

He claims that recently he was in Australia working - does anybody know what he actually does, apart from wooing young ladies in Riga, and absconding with them to New Zealand.

Any how the picture below show him and his good lady L..... not working, but fooling around sight seeing in Echuca on the Murray River in Australia.

Not sure about this one - a pink parrot and a beer, and whats with the smile ? - Hmmmm.....

You can drink and drive - as long as it is a boat ! - but are you not supposed to look where you are going ?

So as you can see he (they) cannot go anywhere without finding the local alcohol shop !

And to close this brief but grumpy free blog a little cartoon which took my fancy

No doubt back to normal in the future, enjoy the summer wherever you are, but if it is Riga, bring an umbrella


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well i'm sorry to have to agree with a certain welsh man but i to thought you sounded a little grumpy in your Grumpy Old Man blog, and as for todays weather well as much as i love Riga i'm waking up in Wales this morning to glorious sunshine. regards A

10:39 am  

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