Thursday, April 20, 2006

It official - I am 60+

Well here I am a man of 60+ years, but strangely enough it does not feel any different that when I was 50+ - but as everyone has always told me that I looked old for my age, then god only knows what age I really look like.

Anyhow to all those you gathered at De Lacey's to celebrate my birthday (or was it simply that I was buying the drinks ?) - many thanks for joining me, and as the main objective was to use the opportunity to raise funds for Zvannieki - I am delighted to say thay the total contributions came to Ls 215.20 + €50.00 - So a grand total of just over Ls 250.00.

Although I had asked for no presents, may I thank all of you were kind enough to do so, they included a Cookery book, CD's, Ashtray, Bow Tie, Flowers, Wine, all were most appreciated with one exception ! - What is a man of my age and disposition going to do with a pair of G String knickers ??? - a gift J... (Irish bar owner) who I am now convinced has a perverted sense of humour.

Just because in a previous blog I mentioned that I had put on a pair womens tights in the depths of winter to keep warm, does he really think that I going to wear G-string knickers, even they are made by Kelvin Klein - NO, NO and NO again.

I was good to see so many friends, particularly those from my days at Lattelekom and IBM, and even Marita ( partner of Harald and soon to emigrate to Australia) jouined our little celebration.

So to you all, thanks for making it a memorable night - and never let it be said that I do not buy drinks - I am going to frame the bar bill for posterity !


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