Friday, March 17, 2006

Why oh Why ?

As all of you have lived in Latvia for any length of time will testify, there are a number of oddities which have no apparent explanation, like -

Why are the majority of Trolley bus / Tram drivers women ? whilst bus drivers are Men ?
Why are the majority of them, what can I say - somewhat large in stature ?
Why do they put curtains up in the drivers cab ?
Why do the white lines on the road disappear every year ? What kind of paint do they use ? Do not remember this happening in the UK.

Weird !

Also noted yesterday that a lady driving a trolley bus, had on her lap a crossword puzzle, so whilst is supposedly illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving (but everybody does it anyway !) - it clearly is OK to do a crossword when you are in charge of bus.

On the subject of transportation, do tram drivers, drive a tram or do they steer it ? - given that they have no choice where they are going perhaps they do not do either. So perhaps they should be called tram starters/stoppers/door openers/shutters.

Saw this advert in the English Language newspaper Baltic Times, and I quote -

"Retired, handsome, athletic, Californian lawyer. 40's, 6ft, 170lbs, brown hair, fair skin, often in Riga on business. Enjoys skiing, travel, adventure, wine and conversation. Very eligible bachelor, mischievous millionaire. Seeking for friendship/marriage with Latvia's greatest woman - 25-35 years. Must be highly intelligent, highly educated, highly beautiful, a true centrefold from a magazine. I am worth it, Info photo to"

Now whilst this is not the first advert of its kind I did find this one somewhat amusing.

First note he is retired but visits Riga on business - Pardon ??

He wants met Latvia's greatest woman - must mean the President Vaira Vike-Freiberga ?

And would a highly intelligent, highly educated woman really be interested in this Californian nerd ?

and what does he mean he is worth it ? and what in god's name is a mischievous millionaire ? - perhaps someone who isn't !

Ah well it takes all sorts.

Today is St. Patrick's Day and like all over the world, Riga will host the annual Who can get P....d the fastest contest - Fortunately as it is Friday the Cretins will be here in force, to drink the Guinness - suffice to say I will be giving it a miss.

The Irish Ambassador is hosting a Function in the Maza Guilda , at which an Irish group will be playing and by special request a Latvian Irish group, led by a Lithuanian lady will perform for the guests. For those not invited said group will also perform at De Lacey's if they can get past past the cretins - or maybe they will just perform in the street.

Tomorrow sees the Rugby fiesta Ala Paddies, and on Sunday Marita day - so if you have to make a choice - make it for Marita day - Sunday at 2.00pm in upstairs in Paddies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the studded tyres might have a lot to do with the white lines, Dave


9:18 am  

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