Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Night Out with Chris

Even at my late stage in life, I still find that I am capable of surprising myself, a few weeks ago when it was announced that Chris Rea was to play in Riga, I took it upon myself to buy some tickets. Now I should point out that whilst I had heard of the man, I could not have named a song he has sung - but as the occasions to hear a well known name in Riga are limited I took the plunge.

The last time I was at a concert was in 1997 to hear Bonnie Tyler ( Wales answer to Rod Stewart !) - so I am clearly not a concert aficionado.

So there we were, S..... ( Welsh), P.... ( English and new father), I... (Scottish retired bean counter) and myself, off to the new Riga Arena ( which will host the World Ice Hockey Championship in May). The seats were perfect, high up, with a perfect view of the stage.

The set was real basic, none of this hi-tech nonsense. just a simple stage, a few lights and the mandatory ice "Smoke"

What can you say about Chris Rea concert, other than the music was stunning, the sound incredible, and he and his band played non stop for the best part of two and a half hours. The four of us sat enthralled for the whole show, and clapped and cheered along with the best of them.

Now it has to be said he is not the greatest conversationalist. I do not think he spoke a word to the audience ( about 10,000+) other than toward the end to introduce the members of the band. But I guess he figures that his music says it all.

The busiest man in the place was the gofer who tuned his guitars, of which he must have played at least twelve - not sure why, assume each guitar has its own particular sound

The time passed in the blink of an eye, and before we knew we were heading for home - well via the New York bar, which offers one of the most unique selection of beers in Riga - 1 ( yes ONE! ).

We solved the worlds problems over a couple of beers, before I headed for home.

So if it truly Chris Farewell Tour, then I am glad I had the chance to hear him live - so if any of you get the chance to hear him, may I suggest you take the opportunity.

Can I also remind all of you that it is "Marita" day on Sunday ( Upstairs at Paddies) from 2.00pm - this is great chance to help Marita and her son make a new start in Australia.

And for those who appreciate Rugby be advised that on Saturday afternoon/evening ALL the Six Nations games will be shown, again upstairs at Paddies- so a marathon session is in store.

And To A... ( Bristolian), Y..... ( His good Lady) and daughter L......, have a great holiday in Maldives, thought you might like to know what the weather is -

31 degrees and thunder storms - wonderful !!


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