Monday, February 20, 2006

Smiles all around

Take six men, bags of soft toys, shoes and children's clothes, two computers and two printers and ask them to find the Zvannieki home - what do you get ? - apart from getting lost on the way there and on the way back - seriously happy men.

Having endured my navigation skills we finally arrived to be greeted with lunch consisting of spaghetti and sauce. Just what body and soul needed.

As I mentioned before without questions or having to be asked each of the older children then set about with their allotted tasks from cleaning the table to cleaning the dishes.

So to Samta, Sandra and Juris and all of the kids - thanks from the "BIG" boys for a great day out.

The following is a selection of photograph's taken by S..... and myself. But one question where is Aussie J..... - he is nowhere to be seen - I promise it was not intentional - but there is not one picture with him in it.

Now this young man captured the heart of S.... ( Welsh with attitude)

and this is the Lady who makes it all happen - always with a smile

and what do big boys do ?

from nowhere suddenly a computer "experts"

Don't ask why they hung the duck

A skiing we will go !!

doesn't Sandra just have the most amazing smile ?

I make no comment about this one

Willing Hands and smiles

Smiles again ( well B.... was trying his best)

of course there was also less than willing hands !

coffee and biscuits anyone ?

and a little dancing to finish the afternoon off

Thanks to V.. ( Australian) for taking the time to measure up all the work that either needs to be done or is on their "wish" list .

Basically they need /would like New Kitchen, finishing off of interior, extension to facilitate up to 10-12 addition kids ( log cabin perhaps ?)

This week we will get their fixed line telephone reconnected and thanks to Tele2 we will get 10-15 free phones, with a corporate rate discount.

All of the above to be paid from the Smiley bank account - so again to every one involved - thanks - but we need to keep this thing going so spread the word along with the bank account details - Thanks to B..... S..... we raised Ls31.00 on Saturday.

The day was rounded off by way of a few beers - nice one !


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