Friday, January 27, 2006

Its been a funny old week

What can you say about a week which started at -31 degrees and has finished up at 0 degrees and a forecast of +2 degrees over the weekend.

Well in this part of the world I guess the word would be Typical !!

One thing which did strike me this week was the response to the last little blog, regarding my methods for keeping warm. It has obviously created a wealth of comments and actually managed to inspire some of you blog readers to reply with a comment.

In the early days I did receive a few comments, but in recent months very few if any - but suddenly comments galore regarding "Man in Tights" - I wonder why ?- jealousy perhaps or even envy.

It was interesting too see how many people wanted to shake my hands to see if there was a spark between us .....hmmmmm.

The Cretin brigades are getting younger, noticed a group last night who were barely out of there nappies, but thinking they were Gods gift to women kind.

Not sure what the weekend will bring, did briefly think about going to a Burns Supper, being organised by the British Chamber of Commerce, but even with the kind offer of a free ticket, courtesy of British Airways ( many thanks to A.... ( Bristolian) and his good Lady Y..... ( Latvian and BA member of staff) - but have decided to decline.

I went some years ago to the same event, and it was a night when you could play spot the Scotsman - English, Latvian et al - but the Scots were few and far between. And as I do not drink whiskey, do not dance ( at least not the Scottish jigs) - I think a wise decision was reached.

No rugby this weekend, so I suspect a quite one is in store, maybe it is time to go and see King Kong.

Update on Smiley Campaign - Tele2 have been kind enough to agree to supply free of charge brand new handsets, and to give them corporate rate charges, which will mean they can call each other for 1.3 centimes per minute.

Also can those of you who wish to visit Zvannieki, weekend of 18/19 February please let me know

Finally for those of you interested who on earth reads this blog

Kinda fascinating just how a simple blog can be accessed in so many countries whether by accident or design - but clearly the word is spreading.

To the guys in Blackpool, UK, - Dublin , Ireland and Eastwood, Australia - who were searching using the search phrase "Tights" - WHY ? - but glad you found the blog. If you are wondering how I know where the people are located see below


Nothing is secret from the ScotinRiga blogger - however if you are interested just double click on the Sitemeter counter underneath the clock on the right of the web page, and select statistics and you to can see who is/has visited.

To all and sundry - have a good weekend


Anonymous Christian M. said...

I thought the only big brother who is watching me is here in Frankfurt / Germany (and NOT in Heddernheim or Niederrad btw), but now I know he is sitting in Riga and probably right now at the "de Lacy´s".....

Regards from Frankfurt


PS: I´m still waiting for that one picture you´ve promised to publish here... ;-)

2:10 pm  

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