Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Winter Wonderhome called Zvannieki

If only I had the words to be able to describe what I experienced on Friday when we took our gifts out to the orphanage. Can you imagine the joy of a child who had never seen a television ? or to see the children both young and old grab the sledges and toboggans and head out into the snow, and to Sandra reaction to her new Fridge - well suffice to say she gave both the fridge and myself a huge hug.

Regretfully I do not have the words to describe the day so for now, and remembering that a picture paints a thousand words -

As you can see a lot of smiling faces.

I will in time publish all of the photographs I took - but for now I just wanted to get something before Christmas.

For me my Christmas was made on seeing the children and those who look after them, truly Sarma, Sandra, Juris etc are simply magical people, because they live every day to provide a real home for these children, many of whom have never experienced what it means to be in home where they are loved.

And loved they are, with the older children helping with the younger ones.

There is much that needs to be done at the home, but this I will talk about in the New Year, for now I wish all who read this blog A Very Happy Christmas - and to those who contributed to the Smiley Fund - the children of Zvannieki say a very special thanks.


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