Wednesday, December 07, 2005

God bless Swedes & Caversham

Tonight as is my habit I wandered into De Laceys for a refreshment - met with S...... ( Welsh with attitude) + a few of his Swedish colleagues ( my words not his) - anyhow T...... ( Swedish part time fireman, hells angel and plays with with plastic) and I discussed our fund raising efforts and immediately had a quick wipround - and Ls35.00 duly appeared.

Our friend from Caversham - D... ( English - a serious holes & poles man) - you have to understand telecommunications slang to get this - also donated Ls40.00 - so now we have Ls130.00 in the kitty - stunning !!!

T..... ( See above) also indicated that he has contacts in Sweden who are looking to assist a good cause in Latvia, by way of toys, clothes etc - so we will but see. But it is good to know that there is so much goodwill all around - So to all I say A huge big thanks.

If you get the feeling that all of this makes me feel good - you would be right - it does.

Keep reading for progress


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