Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Simply Brilliant !

We all have Good days , just as we have Bad days, but very, only very occasionally do we ever get a Brilliant days - Well yesterday I had one of the latter. In fact it was not only Brilliant it was both Stunning and Amazing.

It was all to do with our efforts to raise funds for the orphanage at Zvannieki.

To be exact all - of you have now contributed the grand sum of Ls1002.58 !!, with over half of this being contributed yesterday. I know that sum will increase as there a number readers of this blog who have indicated that would like to make a contribution, be it in cash or in kind.

In addition we have the promise of a computer & printer AND, ( and this a seriously BIG AND ) - we have the possibility of a donation that would permit us to give a minibus so that the children can actually be transported in a group, rather than as is the case today in the Vicars van.

So to one very special person ,his good lady and his company - Thank YOU !!

So no matter what, we will be able to meet all of the wish list, and I suspect with a little left over.
I plan to consult with Vicar as to what he would like to do with any excess cash we raise, but personally I thought that we could use the money to buy "Real" Christmas presents and/or give a small cash donation to the ladies who day in and day out look after the children.

However if anyone as any ideas please either let me know direct or respond with a comment, by clicking on the comment logo below this blog.

I am truly Chuffed, that this blog, which started out as a way of expressing my thoughts on life in Riga and the people with whom I meet, has also enabled this small band of friends to make such a difference to a small group of children this Christmas.

To all I say once again - Many - Many thanks

I almost forgot we have also had the offer of a van to take the goodies out on Friday 23rd December ( time to be confirmed) - if anyone would like to join me (please I will need help to load the van) - let me know.


Anonymous Emma T Glass said...

Emma T Glass,

I have been in rehab for a while and just caught up to the latest events in Riga. I am pleased to see that the bunch of drunken repribates that frequent that waiting room for AA at De Lacys (everyone knows it now) have decided that they have a social responsibility in Latvia...Well done David well done all the rest of you drunks.
Good to help at Christmas but adversity can be a 365 days a year thing (bit like having a hangover every day really)
I always remember Michael Parkinson referring to Roberet Mitchum once whilst reviewing I think Farewell my Lovely on Cinema that he (Robert Mitchum) wore a "cack brown cum cream colour mackintosh" and was the only actor in Hollywood with "a 24 hour hangover"
But I digress,why not support this worthy cause regularly,waste not the money,create a smile fund, maybe look for other worthy causes to assist?Who knows what we may achieve, sorry you lot nothing to do with me.

But don't ask me spends all me money on booze you know!

10:32 am  
Anonymous Rob B said...

Hi David

Just wanted to drop a line to say brilliantly well done. It is really nice to see something positive like this coming from an acorn of an idea on one mans blog site. In some small way it demonstrates what x-mas is really meant to be. Simply add some magic and wanderful things happen

5:38 pm  

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