Friday, December 16, 2005


After much discussion as to what to do with any excess monies that we have after our "Christmas Fund Raising" for the orphanage, I think the best suggestion came from J.... ( Australian) and S...... (Welsh) - Namely that we deposit in the Rietumu bank any surplus funds and use them on "needs" basis for any future needs or request at the orphanage.

This will allow us to continue to raise funds during 2006, and when a special need arises hopefully we can then pay out.

The funds in the Rietumu bank to be managed jointly between myself and the Revered Juris Calitis. The fund will be entitled the "Smile" fund

I think the one common comment was that whatever we do - it will only be for the benefit of the children at the Zvannieku home.

All is now set for trip on Friday 23rd - we will leave from Brivibas iela 39, around 10.30am - transport courtesy of Rietumu Bank ( Many Thanks M...... (Irish)) - -so if anyone wishes to help deliver the goodies, please let me know. Both Reverend Juris Calitis and Juris Balodis will be in attendance.

Just to confirm what we are taking

TV (ls 120)
Combined Video & DVD Player (Ls 110)
Assorted Sledges, Toboggans, Plastic Sky Mats (ls 100)
Computer & Printer (Free)
Assorted Videos and DVD's (Free)
The Kitchen Sink will be ordered before Christmas ( estimated about Ls 450)

So with our current total Ls 1028.58 - we will have around Ls 248.58 left over

Will provide update after our visit to Orphange on Friday.

as ever - Thanks to all


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