Monday, December 19, 2005

Ze Germans come up with der Bus

You know the feeling, there you stand waiting for a bus, you wait and wait and then up turns two of them.

Well that what nearly happened in our endeavours to get a mini bus for the orphanage. In our efforts to keep it a surprise from the vicar, we had been dealing with the church warder Juris Balodis. Well over the weekend he discovered that a German Lutheran church had made a wonderful donation of a mini bus ( German of course).

So thankfully we have avoided turning up next Friday with a second one - now that would have been embarrassing.

However the really important news is that the kids now have transport.

So my thanks to Rietumu Bank for there kind offer to sponsor the bus, but having spoken to the vicar this morning it appears that some remedial work is seriously needed at the orphanage, so perhaps in the new year we can make a project and submit it to Rietumu for consideration.

All the goodies have now been purchased, ( but only after I nearly suffered a heart attack - no details suffice to say that for those you know me and my ability to "mislay" my bag, well it happened again) -but fear not it was recovered with all contents intact. Only thing outstanding is to order the kitchen sink.

My thanks to C.... ( Malaysian - cooks the books) for his assistance in buying and carrying the sledges, toboggans and assorted winter toys.

A.... (Bristolian - seller of slightly damaged goods) has kindly agreed to provide either a fridge or microwave - absolutely brilliant.

Will update blog with pictures after the visit on Friday.

Funds left over will be deposited in Rietumu Bank today


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was wondering if a trailer might not be useful for them to tow stuff behind the mini van? J

Was with MB late last night and full support still from that Qtr.

8:14 am  
Anonymous Menezes said...

kombi, in brazil.

4:16 am  

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