Friday, January 13, 2006

A fond Farewell to Harald

As many of you already know Harald died last week. Today his funeral took place, at the crematorium near Mezaparks, Riga.

I cannot claim to have known Harald very well, having only met him in the latter part of last year - needless to say watching Rugby and having a beer.

He was a lovely man - intelligent, warmhearted and a lover of all things Latvian.

He claimed both Australian and Latvian citizenship, and some two years ago married, and had a son Edwards- by his wife Marite. Life for both of them will be hard now that Harald has passed on.

It is at time like this, that one begins to think of ones own mortality, particularly in my case as Harald was only 61 years young, and with my impending entry into the 60's who knows what the immediate future holds.

It was good to see so many of his friends both Latvian and English speaking attend his service, and I think he would have been pleased and possibly embarrassed with the kind words spoken on his behalf.

I would like to think that he was there listening and watching - and that as we raised a glass of wine in his honour, that he would look kindly on how we remembered him.

So to Harald - our best - and to all who read this I would ask that if it is within you to help his wife and son - then please do so, as I am sure that they will need both emotional and financial help in the immediate future.


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