Monday, January 23, 2006

Man in Tights

Have I mentioned that it is a bit on the chilly side here in Riga ?

Well it is around -31 degrees last night, and it has been averaging around - 21 during the day, for the last few days.

Now I have to confess that I am a little sensitive to the cold, in particular my ears, fingers and toes

Each of us have been trying to find a way of keeping warm, S.... ( Welsh) has even bought a pair of gloves, so that proves it must be cold -however he has not bought a hat. Maybe it is something to do with his previous rugby playing days - brain-dead ?

Anyhow one evening last week A... (Bristolian) and I were discussing methods of keeping warm, and he did mention that builders in the UK, in cold weather, often take to wearing women's tights to keep warm.

Now this did strike me as a bit extreme, but it did suggest that perhaps time to buy long johns, however one small snag - no long johns in Riga, or at least I could not find them. So Plan B was put into action - buy women's tights.

Now I do not recollect ever having to buy women's tights, but have you seen the choice ? they are hundreds of designs - I was quite taken with the black pair and a thin red line up the back. But as this would have meant spending hours making sure the line was straight ( remember I iron socks) so purchased normal brown ones - large large size. God knows what the shop assistant thought.

And now I hear you ask do they work, well first let me say I am glad I am not a woman, having to put those things on every day, but the simple answer is yes they do work, my legs and nether regions are warm, even when walking in the cold.

However I have to confess to some misgivings, and I worry that people can tell, and the amount of static electricity that I generate is unreal.

Relatively quiet weekend, apart from mass cretins from Liverpool et al, thankfully they are not Rugby supporters so managed watch Rugby on Sunday afternoon in relative peace in P.... W....., The MU fans were in large non smoking room awaiting their beloved Man U, however joined the De Lacey's in crowd - P... ( English - with dead leg) - S..... ( Welsh with attitude and no hat) J... ( Irish and soon to be builder of submersible buses) , F.... ( Australian - and is apparently immune from cold) - to watch the final few minutes of same game.

A nice way to end the weekend, friends, beer and cretins - well two out of three is not bad.

And to those who read the blog, do not ask about the Tights - or whether I am wearing them, if you must know, just shake my hand - if we "spark" then you will know the answer. Supposedly temperature is going to rise to -6 degrees tomorrow, but with snow. - Magic !!


Blogger Titania said...

Hello from Portugal!
I'm sending you a bit of heat from Sunny Portugal :))
I can't imagine how one can feel living under such freezing temperatures...
You have a very nice blog here!!
Best greetings.

12:24 pm  
Blogger dfs said...

To the Lady from Portugal, many thanks for your warm greetings. Having had the pleasure of spending some time in Portugal I can appreciate your warm feelings.

Glad you like the blog - stay in touch

8:48 pm  
Anonymous Rob said...

David it starts with the tights and a good excuse to be wearing them. Next it will be corsets because they take pounds off then you will be looking at frocks for the summer because they allow you better freedom of movement. next will come the wigs and makeup. Anyway enjoy I think that you are at the start of a strange adventure

12:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know i said it, but i actually never met anyone who did or let alone own up to it. I thought it was just a building site myth.

2:48 pm  

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