Thursday, January 19, 2006

It is just a wee bit chilly

Some time ago I mentioned the wonderful "Sweeper Uppers" who religiously every morning are out on the streets sweeping up whatever has come down overnight. Well despite the weather ( -27 early this morning) - they are still there. God only knows how they cope with the cold.

Normally to have my intake of nicotine at the office I have to step outside onto the fire escape stairwell - well I have to say that with these low temperatures I am close to giving up smoking, by the time I have lit up and taken the first few puffs, all of my extremities are duly frozen.

The forecast suggests it is going to warm up by the weekend - it will then be only -15 degrees - wonderful !

What I find astounding, is that here we are with really low temperatures, yet there they are standing outside McDonald's eating there ice cream

Mind you as is my fashion the cold was not enough to stop having a beer last night, as usual a slightly chilled one !

One group of individuals who are over the moon with this cold spell - fishermen - or at least those who like to sit in the middle of the Daugava, drill little holes, stick a piece of string tied to a wooden pole and sit there in the hope that a passing fish will succumb the charms of whatever they have put on the end of the hook. If any of you can remember the film "Grumpy Old Men" then you will know what I talking about, except in Latvia there is no little hut to sit inside, just one of those cloth folding chairs. A hardy lot these ice fishermen ! Do not think I am talking about a few people, some days there are hundreds of people sitting in the middle of the river in the middle of Riga - a strange sight.

Assuming this weather lasts for a while, and it seems it will, then once again I can venture down to the beach and walk on the sea - have not done it for a couple of years, but perhaps this weekend.

Right now I am sitting in a warm office, and looking outside, it looks like a perfect summer's day - clear blue skies, and the sun is shining - but as the man said - looks can be deceptive.

However as it was -40 in Moscow yesterday, I suppose we should not complain - it could be worse.

Speaking of worse this morning I tried to find my dead rabbit hat, but to no avail, so I had to settle for my woolie - but a search of said homestead will take place this evening, as it is the only hat in my possession which does beat the extreme cold - and I must find out where I can buy long johns.

Never needed them before but with age come an increased sensitivity to cold particularly in the nether regions.

Also can someone please explain why the bladder is so direly affected by the cold - One minute in the cold and the alarms bells go off - and off to the loo -never happens when it is warm. yet another mystery of nature as yet unresolved.

We have a new Scottish type person in our midst -I.. ( hates the Swiss - well at least one and is setting up a business here in Riga, which no one can understand - not Riga the Business !!)

In his short time here he has become a nightly fixture at De Laceys, he claims the exercise of walking to and from this establishment is helping lose weight - hmmmmmmmmmm.

Well as this blogger prepares to head into the evening cold, to those in warmer climes - well this weather is still going to be here when you arrive at the end of the month


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