Monday, February 06, 2006

Attention yea All

In particular all friends of Harold, who recently passed away.

Marita, Harolds partner has after much thought and discussion decided that her and her son's future lies in Australia.

This decision has been reached after Harolds famly in Australia have been kind enough to offer support to both of them, as and when they arrive there.

However in order for this to happen Marita needs cash in order to purchase air tickets and have a little money on arrival.

Unlike the appeal for Zvannieki, this is a one off , with a specific target to raise around Ls1000, so it does not take a genius to work that if 50 people give Ls20 apiece, or 20 people can give Ls 50 apiece we are there. It will not hurt if we raise more.

So to all who knew Harald, and to those who worked with him, now is the time put your hand in your pocket and give his partner and son a fresh start.

When you send the transfer, please mark your payment as "Australia" so that she knows what the money is for

I would ask all you read this , pass the word particularly all Australians.

To those of you who make a contribution - Thanks - his family will be grateful, and Harald from his position on high, will I am sure ensure your kindness is rewarded.


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