Monday, February 06, 2006

A clean sweep

Since I started this blog, I have given credit to a variety of people who keep Riga working, from the Street sweeper uppers - to the Flag putter uppers, but this weekend I spotted another group, without whom Riga would grind to a stop.

The Tram track cleaners ! - Like all of these people who work outside, they work in all weathers including the -15 degrees we experienced last weekend.

Normally they are simply cleaning the points and removing any muck that has found its way into the track, but at this time of the year they have to ensure that no ice builds up both in the switching points, but also the tracks themselves. Without their relentless cleaning then Riga's trams would simply not be able to function to the level of efficiency that they do.

So to this group of individuals I say thank you and keep up the work.

It goes without saying that the weekend saw another invasion of the cretins, but this however did not stop us from watching the the England v Wales rugby, albeit on the Welsh language station. Sorry S..... ( Welsh with attitude), regretfully the Celtic nation on this occasion were duly stuffed. better news on Sunday when Scotland against all expectations beat France - All of which makes for an interesting game next weekend - Scotland v Wales.

If you are wondering why I did not watch the Scotland v France game - the reason is simple we cannot receive the SKY broadcasts here in Riga. It appears that SKY broadcasts on two satellite channels and of course the one that carries BBC etc and has the Rugby, is the one we cannot get. However we can get the Welsh channel, so we can watch all of the Welsh games, albeit with with Welsh language commentary.

Kind if weird - sitting in Irish pub, in Latvia watching Welsh games with Welsh commentary ! - where else could you get this multicultural environment ?

Now speaking of weird - Can our Welsh person dance ? What say you A..... ( long suffering wife of S......)

Well lets us just say that after a few glasses of Wine/beer -he does a very good impression. Thanks to S..... & A.... for permission to publish.

and finally a question to the gourmets of Riga, is there a restaurant which sells halal based dishes ? any answers to comments please.


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