Monday, February 13, 2006

Rugby Logic

Scotland wing Chris Paterson said"We have to regroup for England at Murrayfield, but we know we have to keep playing rugby, it's the only way forward."

What else was he thinking of playing ? - Ice Hockey - Netball - What ?, and if it is the only way forward why do they have to pass the ball back ?

and finally one for P.... and the dog

A fellow went into a pub with his dog. They were both keen supporters of their local rugby team and they watched the Saturday match on TV with great interest.

Every time the home team scored a try, the dog barked and yelped with delight. 'What does he do when the other team scores?' asked the barman.

He does somersaults,' said the dog's owner.

'How many?' asked the barman.

'Depends on how hard I kick him!'


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