Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Marita Day

OK all of you ScotinRiga blogspot readers, please put in your Diary Sunday 19th March 2005, at 2.00pm. Place downstairs at Paddies - the reason - to raise money - -WHY ? I here you ask.

Well you may remember that some time ago Harald passed away, leaving a young wife and baby son.

Well since then, and after much reflection, Marita, Haralds partner, has decided that the best thing for her and her son is to emigrate to Australia, where Haralds family has offered support, until such times a sshe can be full.y independent.

However in order for her to get there she needs money for air fares and to have a little money when she arrives in Australia, to give a degree if independence and more importantly - dignity.

So that why we are having a Marita day - to raise money and at the same time to have a good afternoon.

Like Aussie day, there will be a barbeque and S..... (English with hostelry aspirations) has also kindly offered to provide some English fare.

So pass the word around all are welcome. as long as they have deep pockets and/or wallets.

The target is to raise Ls1,000.00 or more - so the more people we can get to attend the better our chances of meeting this target.

If you can make it, or simply wish to make a donation then send me an e-mail or insert a comment


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