Thursday, March 09, 2006

Another of Riga's hidden heroes

A strange sight appeared before me in the early hours of this morning. I have mentioned before the various people who keep Riga working, from the Sweeper Upperers, Flag Putter uppers and downers, Street and Pavement Sweepers - but today I discovered another group who work to ensure that when we go to catch a bus, the bus stop is free from snow and ice, and is then gritted to ensure that passengers to not fall A.... over T.. whilst awaiting for their bus / trolley bus.

In this case they do have some creature comforts, a van in order to get from bus stop - to bus stop as quickly as possible, and of course to carry the sand.

All of this at 6.30 in the morning, well at least that is when I spotted them, no doubt they, or in this case he, started considerably earlier than that.

As you will gather we have been experiencing just a little flurry of snow in the last few days, so no doubt these bus stop snow clearer's have been working overtime to keep there passengers safe. Wonder what they do for the rest of year ?

Returning to P..... recent family addition, he is to be called Patrick, have seen the picture and he looks like..................a baby !

Some of the pictures were, what can I say explicit, thank God he did not have a video recorder, otherwise we would have been treated to the full birth process. Mother, Patrick and father are all doing well - but still no comment from the dog - no doubt this will be resolved when dog meets Patrick this weekend.

For those following our endeavours at Zvannieki, we plan to deliver new cooker intwo weeks time, asuming V... (Australian/Latvian and part time builder) can find us an electrician, as we need to put 15 amp circuit to power the ovens. V... if you are reading this - pull your finger out !! - otherwise I will publish your name in full.

By the end of next week we should also have a fixed line telephone installed, and the Tele2 phones delivered to the children.

Finally a small reminder re "Marita" day at Paddies on 19th March at 2.00pm - spread the word - as it is an afternoon for families as well as the male fraternity.

Nothing else much happening in our "village" - so for now - bye !


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