Monday, March 20, 2006

I see no Sea

What a weekend - a glorious sunny Saturday, saw me take off for Jurmula (Latvia's answer to Blackpool).

The temperature was in the high's, well almost 7 degrees, but somehow it felt much warmer, perhaps because the snow and ice on the beach reflected the sun. Whatever it was absolutely beautiful.

Must have walked for the best part of 7km, part of which was to do my "walking on the sea" thing, as the pictures testify absolutely no sign of the sea itself, other than I knew it was somewhere underneath me. The sight of the frozen sea still fascinates me, as it seemed to do for the hundreds of others who were taking in the air.

Some even to do a little bit of sunbathing, albeit wrapped up in fur coats, but there they sat on the benches, soaking up the sun. Only in Latvia !

Suitably refreshed (actually knackered) I then spent a leisurely afternoon, doing the mandatory domestics. - All in all a really nice day


Avoided all of the Rugby, amazed to see that Scotland actually beat the Italians, The French stole it from the Welsh (S..... You are not going to be a tipster are you ?), and god bless the Irish, who won the Triple Championship with a try at the death. I see in this morning BBC report that they (England) are thinking of bringing back Sir Clive - talk about desperate !

And so to Sunday - or Marita Day - With numbers uncertain, despite daily cajoling, I arrived at Paddies at the appointed hour, only to find I was alone. However it did not take long before the assembled Aussies arrived, and an electrical engineer from Lebanon - a new member to our village people and a gentleman of Indian persuasion, but living in London, who proclaimed Eric Cantona the king of Man U. We do meet all sorts !

All in all between 25-30 people did turn up, and to them I say thank you, on behalf of Marita and her son Edwards. Well we did not quite get to our target, but we did raise a goodly sum of nearly Ls 600.00 - and to those who did indicate they would come, but did not, shame on you as you missed a good afternoon, but if you still like to donate, then find her bank details at

Let us but hope that Australia lives up to her expectations

This week will see me off to the UK to see my grandaughter, and take the opportunity to stock up on a few goodies, not available to me in Riga.

Have a good week


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