Wednesday, April 26, 2006

No stone unturned

For a few weeks I have been suffering from a real bad back pain, so reluctantly I took myself of to the hospital to see my friend of a few years back to get him to check for a Kidney stone.

But guess what, the best he could tell me was that I have very healthy kidneys, and no sign of a stone !!. Can you believe I really wanted him to find a stone, then zap it into oblivion, and voila pain gone - but no, now I have carry one with the pain, as it must be muscular or could it be those bar stools in De Lacey's, which do not help ones posture.

Anyhow have taken to Fastum gel and a a back support - is this what being 60 does for you ?

Any how off to the UK for the rest of week.

As you will have gathered not a lot happened last week, other than Munster hammered Leinster int he Heineken Semi finals ( apologies to J... and J.... and M..... all Irish and Leinster supporters) - But the good news is there is on Irish team in the Final in May.

Somewhat late but can I offer my Birthday Greeting to A....... long suffering wife of S..... ( Welsh) and their Daughter A..... - Happy Birthday to you both, and A..... see you in May.

So there we have it another week has passed, and I notice that the Cretins are now overstaying their welcome by not leaving on Monday ! - God helps us but they are even here during the week.

Finally to my Blog reader from Canada, many thanks for all your visits, but why ? 23 visits in ther last few days - this is a record, but hope you are not just a blog addict, but really find the blog to be of interesting or indeed amusing.


Anonymous Merv & Larisa Johns said...

Well done David keep up the good humour and information helps keep us both upto date with what is happening in Riga :-)

Merv & Larisa

11:52 am  

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