Friday, May 19, 2006

Life is full of little challenges

As someone who is around 6ft tall, I can honestly say that I have never found my height, weight offering any particular difficulties with life in general. But for those who are otherwise challenged then even the simple things in life can prove to be challenging.

Frequent blog readers may remember my comments about our vertically challenged Irish bar owner, who suffers from vertigo when asked to get a drink from one of the top shelves behind the bar.

Well this week saw another such person face a similar challenge due to their lack of height - the challenge to get up on the new bar stools in De Lacey's.

Now I am sure that when J..... bought these new stools earlier this year, he did not realise the problems that "little persons" might have in getting up on them.

But a challenge it was, in the first effort she tried (without success) to mount the elongated bench seat next to the window, but this challenge was similar to what I would face if trying to climb Mount Everest - -impossible, even with frantic assistance of her partner, it proved mission impossible. So- it was decided that the bar stool might be a better option, albeit that it was of a similar height to the bench seat - but here a little ingenuity was employed, by cunningly placing a similar stool next to the one onto which she aspired to climb onto, and by using the foot stool built into the said stool, and again ably assisted by her partner, and with an action similar to climbing onto a horse, up she went - success.

Needless to say she did not move all evening other than when it was time to home.

I will refrain from mentioning any names, thereby protecting the innocent, but to J...., can you arrange to have a pair of steps, for those like yourself, who are vertically challenged, but still wish to take advantage of your new bar stools.

I have not mentioned the smiley fund for some time, but to all of those you have supported the cause be advised that the bank balance recently increased by Ls220.00 thanks to the kind generosity of J... ( Irish Builder) and J..... ( Australian/Latvian with hair like Oor Wullie) - only those who have read the Sunday Post will understand this ! - and it is planned to visit the home next Wednesday along with Rietumu Bank - and following this visit I hope we can commit to getting the kitchen & house refurbished this summer, and indeed make a little progress ala the extension.

And finally with the Heineken Cup to look forward I wish you all a pleasant weekend, and just to once again demonstrate what a beautiful city Riga can be I leave you with this picture, which is one of the best I have seen.

Will bring you the result of Ice Hockey championship as and, as I know many of you can hardly wait ( until is over !)


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