Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And the chicken said - clean me !

One of our little "gang" C.... ( English property owner of ill repute) has recently "nearly" finished refurbishment of a house in Jurmula ( a wonderful beach resort only 15 minutes from Riga).

Set in a rural setting, close by to woodland - thereby ensuring a plentiful supply of mosquitoes.

When I say nearly finished, he has until Thursday of this week to finish it in its entirety, before his guests from Moscow arrive, to enjoy the rural retreat.

To celebrate this grand event, we S..... ( Welsh - would be entrepreneur) - I.. (Scottish beancounter - but a waste of space when it comes to bringing me over Scots pies) and myself were invited to a barbecue and a few drinks.

On route from Riga, we received a call to ask if we could purchase (1) bottle opener and (2) matches - this is an early indication that house was not quite completed - oh could we also get the meat for the barbecue.

On our arrival we discovered C.... trying to assemble said barbecue - with a modicum of success.

I should explain at this time that all concerned with the exception of myself were in casual attire, as befits a summer barbie - myself well as I was referred to as the "penguin" I will leave my dress to your imagination - other than to say it was my usual business look.

So who was the one to do the cooking - of course me !! However it did also required the washing up talents of S......, as not having any proper cooking utensils, it was difficult to fully control the deceased chicken on the barbecue, and there were time when they seemed to suffer from gravity and make their way onto the ground - thereby requiring some washing before returning to said burning

So to sum it all up

We are invited to a barbecue, but we must bring the food, the matches, bottle opener and the wine - cook it then eat it !

C... contribution can be summed up thus

Provide paper plates + salad thingy (pre-prepared by supermarket) and beer.

Nonetheless a good evening

As for the house - well it is looking good, but I would not put bets on it being 100% ready on Thursday, and one thing is for sure Latvia is crying out for someone who actually knows how to lay a fitted carpet.

So what else awaits my pleasure this week, well first of we ( the company) are off on a cruise this evening -not sure what the vessel on which we will alight is, other than it can hold 15 people, but apparently cannot go to sea - so the question is can it go on water - all will be revealed at 7.00pm this evening. The good news is that the weather is absolutely stunning - nearly 30 degrees.

Then on Friday evening off to the opera, but this time outdoors at Mezaparks - and the opera - is Opera Spoks or as it is better know Phantom of the opera !! - should be interesting.

Then the weekend brings surfeit of Rugby - starting at 10.30am and finishing in the early evening - Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England are all playing - not sure if my liver will be able to take it all in - as it will involve visits to De Lacey's and Paddies in order to see all of the games. Needless to say it will be the usual inebriates who will attend S...., I..., J...(Australian) and J.... (Irish).

So an interesting week - and hopefully one in which we can bask in the sunshine and simply enjoy all that Riga has to offer.

Finally one word on the world cup - my money is on Trinidad and Tobago to pull a shock result against England


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