Friday, June 23, 2006

Ligo & St. Johns's Day

Janni Day - this is celebrated on the 24th June, with the Ligo celebrations on the 23rd

Today is national holiday when all and sundry head into the forrests to stay overnight and celebrate Janni Day - so why am I writing this in the office ? - because our security system has gone pear shaped, and I have to wait on the security company to come and fix it.

Now being the National Holiday, and when everything is outdoors , what kind of weather do we have, well last evening / night it was a serious thunderstorm, and today it it is just pissing down, so not a lot different from a Bank Holiday in the UK. And if you are interested it is forecast to ber 30+ degrees on Monday , when we go back to work - personally I think God has at times a sick sense of humour !

Although I have published before here is the background these celebrations, at least in Latvia

"One of the largest holiday festivals in Latvia, and Lithuania is St. John's Day which celebrates the summer solstice. Traditionally, the evening festivities last the entire night. During this celebration men wear crowns of oak leaves and women put on wreaths of wild flowers. A bonfire is built, around which the nights activities take place.

This year's Festival presented a variety of St. John's Day traditions on the Mall, including wreath making, a bonfire, and dancing
. "

It also involves getting seriously drunk and jumping over bonfires, and if recent times are repeated the highest daily death rate involving motorists - carnage !

It also helps if your name is Janis, as everybody is obliged to give you a present.

Yesterday in Old Riga there was huge open Air Fair, where again all the tradional gifts were for sale, alongwith the mandatory flower and tree headbands. The women wear the flower headbands, and the men the ones made from the leafs of trees.

Given the amount of tree type stuff around, there must have been some serious deforestation taken place in the last few days.

Last night I had planned to attend the concert in Dome Square, but as the thunderstom struck at 6.45 pm, I and the rest of Riga headed for shelter, and in my case then home - a pity.

So if your name is John, have a great day, and if it not, well have a great day anyway.

And to anybody thinking of invading Riga, today is a good day - it is deserted !

To Australians the world over - congratulations on getting the last 16 of the world cup, but do not say I did not forecast it, even if my other favourite team Trinidad & Tobago did not


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