Monday, October 24, 2005

One-Two Oopsie Daisy

First of all we ( I) have decided the J... (Australian) deserves a prize, he did indeed manage to convince the owners of ....... .......... to open the "secret" room in order to provide a cretin free zone at weekends. Not sure what the prize should be - but if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

A word to all of the inner sanctum club, if and when you can please support our "secret" room at weekends, time are from 3.00pm on a Saturday, and 1.00pm on a Sunday. You are guaranteed a "Cretin" free zone and no Football ! - Rugby and Motor sports only.

I did meander into De Lacey's on Friday evening, but within 30 minutes had to escape as the first batch arrived, departed to last weekends Cretin Free bar ... .. ......, but Damn ! - they were there. so finally tried the Dickens bar, and lo and behold it was Cretin free - but not for long, but sufficient time to enjoy a couple of beers.

On my return journey on route for home, I again passed De Lacey's, only to find the Wee man ( he of diminutive stature but heart of gold), standing outside - not sure if he was deputising for the security man, or just counting the punters going in and out. However did notice that at least at that moment in time the bar was "Cretin" free - presumably ensconced in Dickens. They do like to move around.

Enough of the "Cretins" , the weekend otherwise passed peacefully, and I spent a pleasant afternoon on Saturday at the Cinema - to watch Wallace & Gromit - brilliant !! - thereafter I returned home to work on the domestics.

During the telling of these tales, I have missed out on one of my oldest and dearest of friends - Matilda. (See below - ignore large white and Red flowers - they are fakes - but add a little colour during the year)

She has been with me nearly five years, and whilst nearly dying some years ago has now recovered - and responds well to my tender loving care. I have no idea what she is, some sort of Cactus ( I think ) - but once a year she displays the most wonderful of blooms, which makes all hard work during the year worthwhile.
If anyone knows what she is - let me know.

As anyone who knows me my skills in looking after anything green are seriously limited - but given that she has survived so far, must indicate
I am doing something right.

Then on Sunday, in between the showers I took myself for a walk down by the canal ( river) which runs through the park near to my apartment.

As ever there were a number of children feeding the Duck, Geese and the omnipresent Pigeons - but there in the middle of them all (Circled in red) was the most beautiful bird I have ever seen, and strangely it was entirely on its own, no sign of any other member of its species.

So if there is any ornithologists out there who can tell what it is, I would be grateful

So there we are a very uneventful weekend, but somehow between Matilda, the "Duck ?" and J...., one which proved to be most enjoyable.

Now by this time who must wondering what has of this got to do with One-Two Oopsie Daisy, well remember the Ill wind that blows no good ? ( come on its was in the last blog) - well

To which the watching crowd ( well someone had to take the picture ) cried in Unison

One - Two - Oopsie Daisy

So another of lifes mysteries is revealed - what next the Loch Ness Monster ?

And finally (please double click to enlarge image) look closely and count the black spots, no prize for the correct answer - but let now

Have a good week - hopefully so will I.................


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