Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Rubbish and all that

What can I tell you nothing happened yesterday of note. except it did rain.

One comment in regards to one of the oddities of Riga - is the rubbish collection system. Twice a day ( yes twice !) - the refuse truck arrives, and always at the same time, in my case at 10.00am and 8.00pm. Compare that with the UK, when it is once a week. The down side of all of this is that you have to personally put your rubbish into the refuse truck - but hey what a great way to meet your neighbours. I wonder where they take the rubbish ? - I have never seen a refuse site, must check this out.

I think I have now dealt with all of the aspects of how rubbish is handled in Riga, must find another subject to explore - Like why do pubs run out my favourite"Irish" beer - could it be anything to do with the "cretins" weekend indulgences ? and why do Latvians have to cross the road when the traffic lights are green - That's right they walk across the road when at the traffic has also right of way - you can always tell the first time drivers in Latvia, they scream at the pedestrians to get out of the way - I think all visitors you plan to drive should be given a little booklet explaining these little known facts of driving in Latvia. Like when you are driving in the countryside, and with not a building in sight you pass a Town or village sign - then you are obliged to reduce your spedd to 50km per hour until you reach the sign which indicates you are leaving the town /village. The police know these place and are only to happy to relieve of your Lats for speeding through a town !! ( The town/village in these cases is probably no more than a few house and way of the road.)

Well there we are I started off talking about rubbish, and ended up talking rubbish - time to say goodbye - Not a lot happened today !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some one here should write couple of books...

Very nice keep going! I`m waiting for next chapter!

11:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading your work Dave,sorry about running out of beer,but you know how it is they only tell you when they have run out,its the suprise element,keep`s you thinking you know,giving you a week`s notice would be just too much trouble

11:34 am  

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